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HIKO ODIN 4O2 - dry suit

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Superlight full body protection during extended exposure to cold and wet environment.

Superlight full body protection during extended exposure to cold and wet environment.

- Entry through waterproof T-Zip on running across the shoulders on the back panel.

- Flyer for easy relief is also equipped with a T-Zip.

- Double-Pull adjustment system in the waist allows even distribution of tension in a single motion.

- Neck and wrist latex seals are protected with neoprene.

- The torso of the suit is made out of 4 layer highly breathable fabric - Airfour light for maximum comfort while the pants remain from more durable Airfour fabric.

- Exposed areas of elbows, knees, sitting area and the outsoles of the socks are reinforced with abrasion resistant Cordura.

- The suit provides amazing heat comfort without restricting mobility.

WARNING: Using a drysuit is a pleasant experience but it can be also very dangerous if all zippers are not closed properly, there is a sudden rip in a suit or a tear on the latex cuffs. In case you notice any of these on your suit, get out of the water immediately. Apply lubricant to the slider of the T-Zips regularly that will allow easier opening and closing and will prolong the longevity of the zipper.


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