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HIKO SYMBIO Frauen long sleeve Neopren shirt

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Long sleeve t-shirt with colar for woman.

Long sleeve t-shirt with colar for woman.

- This line of product is very versatile and suitable for all kinds of water related activities.

- Symbio combines three types of materials that are strategically placed in areas to meet their relative purpose.

- The front and back panels are made of 1,5mm neoprene for more insulation.

- Only 0,5mm thin and extremely flexible Neospan covers shoulders and arms allowing maximum mobility in areas 

- where you need in the most.

- The same material is used on both sides of your waist for comfortable breathing.

- The panel is the armpit is made out of flexible Lycra with a mesh on the inside-it is gentle to the skin and enables sweat evaporation.



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