Kober Hero EFC

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Paddelschaft Länge

The new hero at the slalom course. The stiff blades are set forward from the paddle shaft, allowing for an incredibly quick catch and thus powerful acceleration. Hydrodynamic blade shape and a foam core provide buoyancy for the Hero's paddle blade and ensure a superb paddling experience.

APPLICATION         Slalom, competition
COLOUR                Carbon
BLADE MATERIAL   Carbon, EFC, alu adge, set forward
SHAFT STRAIGHT    M+L+S: Carbon, Fiberglas, Ø 30 mm, oval
ERGO SHAFT            --
FEATHER                 45° R / L
WEIGHT                  ca. 900 g (200cm)
LENGTH                  196 - 202 cm, in steps of 2 cm
BLADE SIZE            L: 48,5 x 20,7 cm, M: 47,5 x 19,7 cm, S: 47,0 x 19,0 cm
SPLIT                     T7 possible (only 30mm shaft straight)

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