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Kober Lemon

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Paddelschaft Länge

This agile white water paddle features a foam core and mid-sized paddle blades that allow for a comfortable paddling experience. The fibreglass construction of both blade and shaft gives a flexible feel and low weight, the blade also features a stabilising rib and reinforced tip.

APPLICATION         Whitewater
COLOUR                 lemon
BLADE MATERIAL    fibreglass-laminate
SHAFT STRAIGHT    fibreglass, Ø 30 mm, both sides oval
ERGO SHAFT           carbon, Ø 30 mm, neutral, both sides oval
FEATHER                 45° R / L
WEIGHT                  ca. 865 g (197cm)
WEIGHT ERGO        ca. 910 g (197cm)
LENGTH                  191-200 cm, in steps of 3 cm
BLADE SIZE            ca. 46,0 x 19,3 cm
SPLIT                     T7 possible (only 30mm shaft straight)


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