HIKO ZEPHYR Combi K1 Short *NEW Repeat*

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Hiko Farben
Extremely short sleeve combo designed for slalom racers.

This ultra light drydeck combines the best characteristics of the Zephyr short sleeve dry top and the new K1 REPEAT sprayskirt.

The Zephyr short sleeve is a featherweight semi-dry top that was carefully constructed with minimum seams to reduce weight as far as possible (we even cut the sleeves off!).

+ Made from Carboflex which is an extremely light and elastic fabric.

+ The inside of the Zephyr top is further completed with a cellulose-based finish to minimize friction between the paddler and garment, allowing one to move as freely as possible.

+ One can easily forget about the neoprene cuffs and collar as they are constructed from thin and flexible Neopspan for more comfort.

+ Designed for the demands of racing and slalom training.

The K1 REPEAT sprayskirt is an entry level to advanced slalom racing whitewater skirt.

+ Made from NTX2 Durafoam e.prene to ensure water tightness along with a very light weight, and thanks to the flexibility it naturally moves with the racer without resistance. NTX2 is specifically used on our high end racing skirts. Durafoam is more durable foam used for our slalom skirts - preventing rubbing the skirt through the sharp rims of slalom cockpits.

+ The fit has been specifically tailored to fit the rims of K1 slalom cockpits allowing it to be easily put on, keeping the boat dry and eliminating any unnecessary material.

+ Compared with the K FLEX, K1 REPEAT is a bit larger - to make it easier for younger athletes to pull the skirt on and off.


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