HIKO CHINOOK Combi K1 Jackpot

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Combining Chinook paddle cag with Jackpot spraydeck.


Strategic paneling and overall fit is inspired by high performance paddling allowing wide range of motion. Using various types of layering underneath the cag you can optimize your protection in wide range of conditions - from slightly chilly to freezing temperatures. It has higher elastic neoprene neck collar as well as wrist cuffs.


Spraydeck for kayak whitewater paddlers. This spraydeck has a special pocket at the front, it is suitable for a front panel of Jackpot PFD. The pocket on top of the spraydeck and the spraydeck itself are designed to compress the pillow of Jackpot PFD below the level of the deck when inserted. The pocket is made out of very light and flexible fabric that has PU coating. Thanks to that, spraydeck doesn’t get heavier.



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